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Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day and I love it. I took out some of the ingredients and added a few of mine. Why add syrup to sweet a recipe when yams are naturally sweet and full of great nutrients? It’s great. Two nights of eating it (it makes a lot when you’re only feeding two!) and I kind of want to eat it again tonight. Feed the addiction, right?

Sweet potato bean burger


2 cans cannellini white beans, drained
1 medium sweet potato
1 medium yam
2 Tbsp tahini
1 tsp seasoning (I recommend Caribbean Jerk or lemon pepper)
1/4 cup wheat flour
bread crumbs
oil (I use olive, but do as you will)

Bake the sweet potato and yam in the oven, peel, and mash.

Drain beans, mix and mash with the yam/sweet potato mixture

Add seasoning, flour, tahini and mix well. If mixture is dry, add more flour

Form patties and cover in bread crumbs. Cook on both sides until browned in medium heat in skillet. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes before eating.

This is best served on thin buns, with avocado and dijon mustard. Don’t doubt the amazingness of the combination. It’s unforgettably awesome. Seriously. Also–the picture? Not mine.


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I saw this recipe for Apple, Gorgonzola, and Artichoke Pizza on WordPress’ main page. It looks delicious and I’m really excited to try it out.

Apple, Gorgonzola, Artichoke Pizza | Cookie’s Crumbles.

Apple, Gorgonzola, Artichoke Pizza | Cookie’s Crumbles

Lazy Day Sandwiches

So easy, they leave me time to rest

Today I woke up the victim of theOctober virus. You know the one–everybody gets it at some point during this otherwise awesome month as a result of stress and exposure. In my case, a grant deadline, adopting a new kitten, and midterm stress finally won over my under-appreciated immune system. Today being a Saturday, I really didn’t feel like cooking.
Lazy Day Sandwiches are the perfect lunch for a day like today. I love a good PB&J sandwich, but they’re not world-renowned for their exciting flavor. To create deli-like sandwiches with little-to-no effort you just need a little ingenuity and some spices. Here goes:

Turn your oven on broil.
Lay your bread face up on an un-greased cookie sheet.
Skip the mayo. Instead, put your favorite salad dressing on the bread.
Meat and cheese on separate slices of bread.
Sprinkle a generous amount of a spice that flavor-matches your dressing. Today I had a Vidalia onion dressing, so I sprinkled oregano and garlic powder on either side.
Veggies that are oven-friendly such as onion, mushrooms, or peppers are good to be cooked with the bread, cheese, and meat.
Put face up in oven, and watch closely! It’s very easy to burn. Let them broil until the meat curls up a bit and the cheese bubbles. Then, take the two slices and lay one on top of the other. Broil each side of the outer bread until it’s crispy to your liking.
If you’d like lettuce, tomato, or other cold veggies, now is your time to lay them down.

Good for sore throats

I garnished my sandwich today with pretzels and some Earl Grey with lemon and honey. Perfect for an easy lunch when you just don’t feel like cooking! To make the sandwiches a little more healthy, use light dressing and only one slice of bread for an open-faced treat!

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