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Homemade yogurt

We got a yogurt maker for Christmas, and I just made the first batch of homemade yogurt.  It tastes delicious and more like yogurt I had in Europe than the stuff here in the states.  And it’s pretty easy to make.  Here’s how I made mine.


  • 1 quart of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 packet Yogourmet starter

The first step is to heat the milk.  I heated the milk on low to medium heat until bubbles formed around the edge of the pan and steam began to rise.  It’s important to stir the milk frequently as it heats so it doesn’t burn.  Once the milk is heated, I transfered the milk to a glass container and let it cool to the proper temperature.  (The yogurt maker came with a thermometer that displays the proper temperature).  Then I stir in the sugar.  The recipe the yogurt maker came with does not include sugar, but websites I read said sugar is an important part of the process so I added it.  Once the milk cools to the proper temperature, I blended the starter with a little bit of the warm milk then mixed everything together.  Then I transfered the milk/starter mixture into the yogurt maker cups and let them sit in the maker for 10 hours.

The yogurt was runny when I pulled it from the machine but it set up when left in the fridge in a glass container for a few hours. I mixed homemade peach jam into the yogurt and ate it for breakfast.  It’s also good with honey.  If you like tart yogurt then try it with pomegranate.  My next undertaking is to make homemade sour cream…